Sean is a Digital Marketing Visionary. That is backed up by his many successes since 1999 leveraging his entrepreneurial nature, background in sales, and business development skills to create comprehensive digital marketing strategies. For all of his companies, he has significantly increased market share.

Sean is absolutely most proud of his current position as Digital Marketing Manager for Stan Slap and the slap Company. slap Company changes the lives of employees and managers by teaching true humanity in business. In turn it naturally creates intense emotional commitment with extremely powerful, ethical, and financial results for the company. No matter what the company is people learn to live better through living their values.

Sean brought new consumer and trade inventions to the market using his vast knowledge of e-commerce. While marketing in the Private Jet Industry in 2008, Sean published a tourist magazine, developed numerous sites, executed marketing, and generated leads that led to the sale of jets, airplanes, and hangars. In the Action Sports Industry in 2006, he made deals with iTunes, Xbox, Amazon, and Netflix to pioneer his company’s retail video sales division. He also brought Montel Williams’ self-help series to the shelves as Media Director.

Known for innovating the ideas and brokering the deals that continue to garnered millions annually for his companies, Sean still considers his experience running his own e-commerce and brick-and-mortar business for 10 years to be the basis for his wisdom, bottom-line focus, marketing sense, and ability to create something out of nothing.

Sean grew up in the Central Coast, but now calls San Francisco home. He is a fan of music and spends free time attending performances. He also likes computers and hardware so much he invariably deconstructs them. He skis Big Mountains in the winter and kayaks class 4 rapids on the Rogue River in the summer while visiting his family in Grants Pass, Oregon.