Students in Montreal and Quebec City, Canada, have been taking to the streets nearly every night since February to protest university tuition hikes.

  1. Wednesday saw the largest crowds in the uprising’s history, as well as the most arrests: almost 700, according to the BBC.
  2. lynntfischer
    The single largest act of civil disobedience in CDN’s history. Just beautiful. @billmaher @MMFlint @CornelWest #Quebec
    2 days ago
  3. Protesting students have worn the color red to symbolize being in debt. Other colors include green (to show approval of the tuition hike), white (for the re-establishment of order) and black (to protest a law that prevents protests without police approval).
  4. On Wednesday night, students in Montreal and Quebec City organized pot-and-pan banging marches using the hashtag #casserole, French for “pan.”
  5. OpenFileMTL
    A contingent of about 40 people are at the corner of Laurier and St. Denis banging on pots. #casserolesencours
    2 days ago
  6. Neighbors banging pots and pans for the Montreal Quebec Student Protest May 23 2012
    2 days ago
  7. finnistar
    There are people marching down my street, banging on pots with sticks!! lol
  8. jessewalker
    Tonight they’re banging pots and pans. #ggi #manifencours
  9. parispet
    Clanging pots and pans on our doorstep? Hmm… Not so classy but it works!
  10. Students have been organizing and talking about the protests with the hashtag #manifencours, which breaks down to “manifestation en cours,” or “protest happening now.”
  11. vahanp
    I hope red square supporter Pauline Marois got a good night sleep,I had helicopter overhead #maifencours. Easy to support when not touched
  12. yolandevillemai
    RT @travellingdoris: I love love love that #casseroles is trending in Canada #RockOn #ggi #maifencours #22mai
  13. olivier646
    Le Qc de demain se réveille pourquoi ne l’écoutez-vous pas ? #ggi #maifencours
  14. Manifestation Nocture Montreal 23/05/12
    2 days ago
  15. Other hashtags being used: #ggi (French for “general unlimited strike”), #CLASSE (a student union), #FEUQ and #FECQ (two other students unions).
  16. Local Concordia University station CUTV has been broadcasting protests every day in three languages:
  17. CLASSE press conference + #manifencours
    2 days ago
  18. Some protestors and their supporters accused Quebec police of trapping demonstrating students during Thursday night’s arrests.
  19. rob_bieber
    Power to the people. #Quebec police using inhumane tactics like kettling. Shame! Support Quebec #students!
  20. LeNatachaPer
    #montreal #studentstrike being heard of worldwide.. insane. hope the students get what they want or find a happy medium..
  21. JaggiMontreal
    Another Mtl protest trend: MORE likely to be arrested when you march peacefully, LESS likely when you break stuff & run. #ggi #loi78 #polqc
  22. Protestors have rallied against Bill 78, an emergency law passed on May 18 that prohibits protesting on college grounds or anywhere in Quebec without police approval.
  23. djack_of_clubs
    You have just come across a tweet CENSORED* by #Bill78. *Province of #Quebec passed emergency law restricting basic #humanrights | #GGI
  24. LilyanneBloom
    You, my American followers, should read this article to understand what is happening in my province… #bill78 #Quebec
  25. redleaflet
    #Students in #Quebec were asked to send the #police the route of their march. Here’s what they replied with!
  26. This protestor tweeted a photo of a ticket he got for disturbing the peace:
  27. Missfreedom4eva
    RT @zmotrin: #ggi #manifencours #loi78 Voici mon ticket pour “Avoir troublé la paix”, Souricière Sherbrooke/St-Denis…

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