Google’s latest social platform, Google+ is buzzing and has been for a while. A long while now so move on. There are a few great ways to get your business involved. Although there are still some queries about how this platform affects your ranking,  but there’s no way it can hurt your small business. Here are some tips to get you started with Google+.

Similar to Facebook, in order to create a business page, you have to have an individual profile. Sign up for an individual profile first and be sure to fill out just as much information as possible (including your professional background). Once you are comfortable with your profile, you could make a business page. The business page can be accessed using your personal page.

Establishing your Google+ page is pretty simple. Be sure to provide as much detailed information as you can, including the history of the business, some background the services you provide. When you add your hair straightners themselves, Google will automatically link them to the map, making it simpler for users to obtain directions.

After creating your business profile, you’re all set to go public and start engaging. All posts should be public so Google will find them, this will help with your ranking and it’s another great way for people to locate you. Next, begin to build your circles. Like other social platforms, most of building your presence is engaging. Post interesting content, share and discuss other business’ posts and begin conversations with others users inside your industry (and even beyond). Interaction can help build your audience and in the end help increase your circles and presence on Google+.

Still build your profile by adding links to your other social pages (Facebook, Twitter along with your blog). You can also upload video content with the YouTube integration. As soon as you start posting and commenting on others’ posts, you’ll quickly see a rise in your presence.

At the time of May 30th approximately 80 million Google Place pages worldwide happen to be automatically converted into 80 million Google+ Local pages.

Those much sought after stars that appear in a Google search close to your Google Places page will ultimately dissapear!

According to Greg Sterling at Internet search engine Land:
Here’s a brief overview of what’s new and what’s changing:

  • •The substitution of the new Google+ Local pages (as mentioned) for Google Places pages
  • •The appearance of a “Local” tab within Google+
  • •The integration and free option of Zagat reviews (its entire archive across categories)
  • •The integration of Google+ Local pages across Google properties (search, Maps, mobile)
  • •Integration of the circles filter to discover reviews/recommendations from friends/family/colleagues

Google+ will be the hottest thing in social media marketing. In just a few short days, the website gathered hundreds of thousands of users, making it a definite contender inside the social media arena. A couple weeks after launch, it had been up to more than twelve million users! With such explosive growth, it really is poised to become a major player rapidly.

There is even some buzz in the world of social marketing that perhaps Google+ might even eventually replace Twitter, because it’s so easy to use and integrates so many features into one unique platform.
Obviously, anyone who is serious about promoting their brand should take advantage of emerging technology, and Google+ is at the forefront of new developments in social network. This is the perfect time to join the game!

5 Ways Google+ Changes Search
Below are a few ways Google+ will influence the method that you will get traffic from Google’s internet search engine, whether by boosting your position in search results, enhancing the chances that people will click into your site, or other factors.

1. Improving Search
As a result of Google+, Google can improve its search results pages through the enhanced information it will be able to collect out of your social circle.

Google+ supplies a lot of elements that will enable Google to understand trends and what folks are interested faster than in the past. Not only can they see what you share with your friends or what you are reading, but now they are able to also see which of one’s friends are most important to you.

In the past, they might have had a broad vision of your followers on Twitter, but now they could directly see just how you interact with those individuals. For example, do you frequently share links with only a small handful of people?

For those who have a very tight relationship with a small network and a broader network that you are less engaged with, Google could know to promote your tight relationships browsing results or use ads on the broad network.

Essentially, Bing is getting deeper vision into how individual users share and discuss things on the net. In the past, it stood a limited vision of this. Now Google can own the complete picture. When placing suggestions about the results pages or searching for a certain page to promote, Google will now know which of one’s friends you trust and tune in to the most.

Also, Google may have better insight into who your favorite authors are on certain blogs. If your blog has many authors and you tend to prefer a few of them or specific topics the blog covers, Google can better adjust its rankings to show what you are interested in.

2. Improved Serp’s Quality
Another benefit that Google+ gives search is that results become more difficult to cheat. Google are now able to more easily police who may have a real profile and who’s a spammer, and watch how they try to influence search results.It’s not for Spammers. But that’s a very important thing!

When Google sees a profile that only shares and votes for things using one website and nothing else, it knows who target like a spammer. If it sees profiles dominated exclusively by +1s, it could get suspicious. Let’s take this one step further.

If profiles are only following other profiles seen as an such behavior, Google might consider them suspect. Less gaming in Google’s results is a long-time goal for the search engine giant. Some spam sites want to sell +1 votes already, but it’s unlikely to be worthwhile- -Google can simply watch for profiles that do nothing but spam votes and discount value of those votes.

3. Changing How You Get Traffic
Google also rolled out its version from the tweet or share button, the +1. These +1 buttons appear in Google’s search results and can be embedded on other websites as well. They are tied to a destination page address, just like shares or tweets are.

The +1 count that is displayed on each button is founded on the address from the page where it sits. This detail is actually important to be aware of, since this may influence how you design your site.

If you’re creating squeeze pages for paid search campaigns, as well as your pages have several variations, all of the +1 votes that you earn will probably be broken down separately for each page address. Also, know that the number of +1 votes you have for a specific page can affect its Quality Score, which can be critical when taking care of a budget for your paid ads. This isn’t a massive problem, but it’s important to be familiar with.

Every time you move a website or change the address of something, you’ll be resetting the +1 count for your page.

4. Improved Click-Through Rates
The fourth major factor here, that is an often forgotten attribute to SEO success, is click-through rate, or how often people who see you on their results page actually select your page within the results.

One of the powerful ideas behind the +1 votes is actually you can see that certain answers are extremely popular, or that people found a specific resource particularly helpful, you have that information available without even clicking into the site.

You can see how many people have already found a specific page useful prior to deciding to ever click or read some other details about it. This is similar to what Facebook have given us usage of with some of their customized buttons that reveal amounts of times something may be shared.

As you can see, Google+ is not just like any social network available. It has the power to affect our search habits, as well as the search engine giant isn’t afraid to use that to the advantage to penetrate the social media marketing space.

While ideas covered most of the important ways Google+ will affect serp’s, there is one more element that should be discussed. With the launch of Google+ Business Pages, Google also presented an interesting new integration between Google+ and Google search. The name of this integration is Direct Connect.

5. Direct Connect +
Google has added an element to Google search where adding a ‘+’ when you are evaluating a brand will bring up their Google+ business profile. This doesn’t yet benefit all pages therefore might take a while to become fully functional.

Users who wish to find a company’s Google+ page are now able to simply add a “+” while watching company name in search to visit directly to a company’s Google+ Page and bypass the traditional search engine results page.

Granted this isn’t a scientific study, nevertheless it still leads me to the conclusion that it’s the minority of smaller businesses are effectively using social networking. So if you’re in the minority then Google+ will probably be worth your consideration. Here’s why.

Google Hangouts are an easy way to connect with others. It’s ideally suited in the event you offer coaching or teaching services. Google Hangouts is essentially a free online classroom where you can share and collaborate with up to ten people at the same time. “I’ve seen people teach guitar lessons, offer tutoring and much more,” says Chris Brogan in the article on Google+ in Entrepreneur. These hangouts are pretty straight forward and fast to setup, making it ideal for impromptu meetings. As Amy Porterfield explains in their Business Insider article on Google+, “This two-way usage of companies is extremely valuable. Hangouts are certainly one way Google Plus could become indispensable; they offer a level of connection and support Facebook just doesn’t offer, setting your small business and team up as a go-to source of information and value.” In reality ChefHangout is already using the video feature on the search engines Hangouts to offer paid cooking classes.

Segmenting your audience is way more intuitive than what you can do on Facebook, Twitter or with your email list. Google+ uses the concept of “circles” as a method of including others in to the conversation. You can have different circles for several kinds of customers, such as a VIP circle, and no one outside of your business need no about it. Google doesn’t share how you set up your circles, so nobody are fully aware of unless you tell them. In accordance with Erica Swallow, in “The Pros & Cons of Google+ for Small Business” on Mashable, ”Google+ makes it easy for businesses to segment their audiences and share content directly with those certain categories of followers.”

Opportunity abounds for conversation and content sharing. It’s much easier to stay on top of your industry since you can save Google Plus pursuit of topics related to your niche. People that find what you say interesting can very quickly and easily add one to their circle. As Amy Porterfield puts it, “good conversation builds followers on Google Plus, more than anything else.” Within the Mashable article, iPhone Life magazine explained that although it took them nearly twelve months to get 1,000 Likes on their own Facebook Page, it took only 3 days to get that many to Circle them on Google+.

Sharing content on the search engines Plus can significantly impact your research rankings and traffic. Kristi Hines documented this effect recording “5 Ways to Use Google+ to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization” on Social Media Examiner. Basically, you’ll get ranked higher in the search results, when someone has you in their circle, and they’re carrying out a Google search while logged into Google+.

Google+ provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise. As Chris Brogan explains, “Many people use Google+ to achieve out to their circles with questions about products or services.” This is your opportunity to show why you should be the go-to person, by giving concise answers to questions within your whole world of expertise. There’s no need to hard sell; in fact that approach will backfire. Instead provide a simple answer wherever appropriate.


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