Recommendations For Sean

“Sean is an exceptionally versatile, creative and entrepreneurial business leader. Quintessentially proactive and always the exemplar of taking initiative for the betterment of the business, Sean is consistently in front of the business leaders.

Sean simultaneously masters a comprehension of new technology with a judicious balance of the financial limitations of the business.

Without a doubt Sean is a fantastic partner to drive your company’s technology needs, collaborate on the businesses core needs and maintain all of this with an owner’s attention to the bottom line.” May 23, 2012

Wade Dokken, Founder, WealthVest Marketing
managed Sean at WealthVest Marketing

“I had the pleasure of working with Sean on a number of high importance projects including website development and SEO maximization. Sean was an invaluable resource on those projects and delivered high level results across the enterprise. On a personal note, Sean became a close friend and someone I enjoyed working with every single day. I give Sean my highest recommendation.” August 2, 2011

Matt Sawyer, Vice President of Sales, WealthVest Marketing
worked with Sean at WealthVest Marketing

“There are so many “experts” that claim they know web design and SEO, but I have never dealt with anyone who has the overall knowledge and experience in the matter as Sean. He could only be considered a creative genius, and literally did our entire website from color scheme, the tags and SEO, the graphics, etc. We have had a significant increase in our business because of his work and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to take their web presence to the next level.” August 4, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Joe Simonds
hired Sean as a IT Consultant in 2010

“Sean successfully built out and managed WealthVest’s website and social media strategy. As a result of his work, WealthVest’s web hits increased significantly and our rankings in Google consistently went up. Sean was also very flexible in terms of his role and the work we needed him to do as WealthVest grew – something that was much appreciated. He is great to work with!” August 1, 2011

Jennifer Monahan, Vice President of Marketing, WealthVest Marketing
managed Sean at WealthVest Marketing

“Sean is a very talented web technology designer and manger and I am continually impressed with how great his web stuff looks. He also seems to manage to build web traffic to our sites quickly and magically!” February 2, 2011

Scottie Sharpe, Manager of Sales Force Automation Systems, WealthVest Marketing
worked directly with Sean at WealthVest Marketing

“Sean is very talented and creative with the many facets of digital and traditional marketing. He was always very professional, open and willing to new ideas and new ways of marketing to our territories.” August 12, 2011

Cyndi Stern, Sales Consultant WealthVest Marketing, WealthVest Marketing
worked with Sean at WealthVest Marketing

“Sean was the go to guy for us to contact about IT, Website, Social Media and SEO questions. He went above and beyond to get us to the next level and the solutions he came up with were brilliant. I would recommend Sean to anyone.” August 4, 2011

Nick Argol, CFP®, Sales Consultant, WealthVest Marketing
worked with Sean at WealthVest Marketing

“While working with Sean at WealthVest I found him to be very professional and knowledgeable in Digital Marketing. He had a significant impact on the company’s presence on the web through building and implementing the social media and search strategy. I worked closely with Sean in creating a site for a new product we were launching; he took our vision and gave impressive results.” August 3, 2011

Amanda Rowles, Marketing Associate/Project Manager, WealthVest Marketing
worked directly with Sean at WealthVest Marketing

“Sean has been a value added commodity at WealthVest as he’s not just a programmer, but truly an entrepreneural spirit focusing on how to improve performance to gain better results. It is not easy to come across someone like Sean in our industry with talents in both technology and business who understands and can speak the language of sales people. I recommend Sean for any digital marketing needs.” August 1, 2011

Cynthia Thorstad, President, Protecting Retirement LLC
worked with Sean at WealthVest Marketing

“Sean was always diligent in his follow-through and got things done. If he didn’t know the answer to a particular issue he would research it himself and come up with solutions. He is a dependable asset to any organization.” November 4, 2008

Kenny McCarthy, Merchandise Manager, VAS Entertainment
worked directly with Sean at VAS Entertainment

“I have known Sean Browne personally for 8 years, first as a customer, next as a friend and confidant, and lastly as a truster co-worked/partner. Sean is an innovator, a man who sees the opportunities and the possibilities around those opportunities. He is dilligent, honest, and has I high level of personal integrity. I recommend Sean highly for any digital, online, sales, or marketing opportunity that is available.” October 27, 2008

Tom Allen, vp of sales and mktg, vas entertainment
managed Sean at VAS Entertainment

“I worked with Sean on several projects which we both worked on jointly, both of us collaborating on project scope and project implementation including the creation of a corporate business-to-business website for our distributors to utilize for increasing orders while making the process efficient for the distributors bringing VAS from the 1980s to 2007. He is a great strategist in sales and marketing, using both in the web medium to an excellent degree working directly with several high profile global websites for sales at VAS including contributing to making VAS the largest distributor of Sports Action films in the country. I would recommend him to anyone looking for someone to take them to the next level in their company or expand on an existing market alike.” October 20, 2008

Gary Bottom, Information Systems Senior Analyst, VAS Entertainment
worked directly with Sean at VAS Entertainment